Wednesday, 8 January 2020

[SPEE] Update 0.9 (Terminal Velocity) Now Available

*Patch 0.901 has been released*

Hope you guys enjoy the update!

Update by using the launcher, or Download Here

Mystery Gift: TM Ice Beam

Change Log

0.901 : Patch 1

[bug] Fixed issue with non talking VoidPhantom quest giver
[bug] Fixed issue with blocking tile in Void F3 Glitch City
[bug] Fixed Midnight Howl trophy in trophy log
[bug] Fixed issue with Litore Storage House
[bug] Fixed issue with night encounters (Route 21, 22, 24, Left Terminal)
[bug] Fixed issue with enemy Flygon named Vibrava
[bug] Fixed issue with summons
[bug] Fixed issue with open cliff placement on Route 9
[bug] Fixed Route 14 - Ros Lake surfing warps
[bug] Fixed issue with Silph Co. president being invisible
[bug] Fixed typo with NPC calling Blue Oak "Gary" regardless of what you've named him.
[bug] Fixed issue with Elekid not being able to be bought in the Adoption Agency.
[bug] Fixed issue with Shellder showing Starmie sprite when caught
[bug] Fixed issue with Route 7 - Magnus City surfing warps
[bug] Fixed issue with Dratini not being recognised as caught

0.900 : Update
[map] Litore City Updated

[map] Clair's Gym (8/8)

[map] Train 
[map] Finis Village

[map] Tomb of the Sand King  
[map] Tomb of the Steel King 
[map] Magnus City updated
[map] Ferreus Town updated
[map] Route 14 updated
[map] Route 21 updated
[map] Route 22 updated

[poke] Poochyena (Route 21) (Night)
[poke] Cubone (Route 11 - Day)
[poke] Horsea (Route 17) 
[poke] Snorunt (Frig Glacier) (Night)
[poke] Slowpoke (Route 19)
[poke] Chinchou (Route 20)
[poke] Miltank/Tauros (Route 22)
[poke] Snorlax (Route 14)
[poke] Lapras (Ros Lake)
[poke] Omanyte/Kabuto (Void F3)
[poke] Chansey (Prize Zone - 777c)
[poke] Magikarp (Magikarp Salesman)
[poke] Starter #3 (Oak)
[poke] Registeel (Summon)
[poke] Regirock (Summon)

[side] Ninja Kid available in Litore City
[side] Island Sisters Quest 
[side] Bouncy Ball Quest 
[side] Bird Wings Quest 
[side] Water Crystal Quest
[side] Vibrant Flower Quest

[trop] Added Silver trophy for completing Soul Challenge
[trop] Added names to all pokedex trophies
[trop] Added Bronze Trophy for getting to F5 of battle zone
[trop] Added Silver Trophy for getting to F12 the battle zone 
[trop] Gold Trophy added for getting eevee to Lv99
[trop] Bronze Trophy added for encountering a shiny
[trop] Aerodactyl Trophy Added
[trop] Absol Trophy Added
[trop] Starmie/Cloyster Trophy Added
[trop] Regice Trophy Added
[trop] Void Phantom Quest Trophy Added 
[trop] Dead Miner Quest Trophy Added

[misc] Added Challenge Mode option in the Room PC
[misc] Various pokemon/item changes
[misc] Shiny Pokemon drop Shiny Data if defeated (no pokedex required)
[misc] Automatically recover 1PP for every 8 steps
[misc] Water Bottle can now be used in-battle to restore PP
[misc] Recharge PP recovery now limited to 25PP 
[misc] Eevee (standard form) now learns Attacks at earlier levels
[misc] Chapter 6 Silver Battle added in Frig Town
[misc] Gym Leader and Rival battles have a difficulty boost
[misc] Magikarp Salesman now available in PokeCenter, will sell for ever increasing prices 
[misc] New Message graphic
[misc] Redesigned Encounter Bar
[misc] Battle Zone - won't trigger a game over when you lose anymore
[misc] Battle Zone - now rewards 10zp per floor insted of 5zp
[misc] Battle Zone - multiplyer will only increase instead of decrease randomly
[misc] Battle Zone - full healing on entry and exit
[misc] Battle Zone - now won't get money for defeating pokemon
[misc] Battle Zone - now costs $200 to start
[misc] Prize Zone - prices increased
[misc] Quick Attack now has a chance of inflicting Flinch instead of Confusion
[misc] Surfing Music updated (again)
[misc] Added 2 trainers to Ember Forest
[misc] Added 2 trainers to Frig Glacier
[misc] Replaced Swinub with Jynx in Pryce's team
[misc] Giga Impact available from Mega Mart
[misc] More TMs available from Prize Zone
[misc] Can now buy nametags from Name Changer in Magnus City
[misc] Raised Eevee's overworld sprite to be inline with Hero sprite.
[misc] Moltres Battle is now Optional
[misc] Slugma location now moved to floor 2 of Ignis Volcano 
[misc] Adoption Agency now shows buyable pokemon's picture 
[misc] Prize Zone now shows buyable pokemon's picture
[misc] Crystal now gives updates on pokemon in the Adoption Agency
[misc] Crystal now gives info on pokemon in the Prize Zone
[misc] Added Magnus Storage House
[misc] Pokemon Encounters modified
[misc] Swapped around Corrupted Pidgey and Weedle/Caterpie locations
[misc] Exeggcute moved to Viridis Isles
[misc] Increased accuracy of Thunder to line up with other 350 damage moves
[misc] Sewer Terminal quest now gives Thunder Punch
[misc] Sawdust quest now gives Air Slash
[misc] Fixed issue with gameover triggered when losing to blue

[bug] Fixed bug where a gameover would be triggered after a battle if Eevee is dead but other pokemon are alive
[bug] Fixed issue with oak dialog appearing after losing to Academy Challenge
[bug] Fixed issue with Weavile Sprite not appearing in PokeBox
[bug] Fixed bug where losing a battle inside a building would disable bike
[bug] Fixed minor graphical bug with water tiles
[bug] Fixed EXP issue after a summon
[bug] Fixed bug where characters would say Death Quotes before meeting them
[bug] Fixed bug where Silph Co F4 staircase would take you to wrong place
[bug] Fixed bug with certain trophy progress counters
[bug] Fixed bug where shinies would stop appearing after 7 shiny encounters
[bug] Fixed bug where last void phantom doesn't exist [test]*
[bug] Fixed Mors Letter trophy log entry [test]*
[bug] Fixed issue with trophies not activating immediately 
[bug] Fixed issue with 180 pokedex entries trophy
[bug] Fixed issue with paperboy quest showing wrong money reward
[bug] Fixed issue with Money Training mode not appearing after rank 8
[bug] Fixed double encounter bug with Ros Lake at night.
[bug] Fixed issue where Bagon would appear in prize zone before gen3 pokemon is activated
[bug] Fixed issue with Crystal not giving pokemon locations after reaching end of demo

Saturday, 2 November 2019

[DOT] New Shadow System

I've added some additional visual flourishes to DOT Debug

I realised that by tweaking my procedural tiling system, I could easily get the game to add shadows to walls.

Looks quite neat if i don't say so myself.

Early builds of the game I used hand placed tiles, which looked neat, but was such a maintenance nightmare whenever I wanted to modify the level layout. plus it added a lot of overhead for new levels. Moving to a procedural tile system is so much better

Basically, when a level starts, a 2d structure is created, which stores which objects exist at what 32x32 square of the map. That 2D structure is essentially the level. indicating free spaces, walls and error tiles. (since the game is gridbased, this works perfectly).

Then the tiling system goes into place for every point of the level, it decides what to put there. if it's blank space, it puts a floor tile which varies depending on the level. if it's a wall, a black tile is placed. and if it's a error tile a red tile is placed.

if it's a blank space, with a wall above, or to the left, then it places a shadow tile.

Here's some updated screenshots

Thursday, 26 September 2019

[DOT] Now available on the Android Play Store - DOT Debug

DOT Debug, my original game is available on the Android Play Store. Check it out, i'd love some feedback.

[SPEE] New Screeshots from Chapter 8

New batch of screenshots for the 0.9 Update!

Friday, 26 April 2019

[SPEE] The End is Coming

Hello everyone, hope you had a good new year.

It's a decent way into 2019 now, and well, it's been a long journey. 

It feels like just yesterday when I started SPEE.... it was during my first year university break. Years ago I had worked on a Pok√©mon fangame called "Pokemon Illusion", and was starting to get the itch to create another one. 

The game went though a lot of early iterations. From being about humans hunting glitchy pokemon, to considering gen4 graphics, then using gen3 graphics, then downgrading to gen2 graphics. 

One thing which set the direction firmly was how I'd always been fascinated by the idea of an Eevee which could switch evolutions, almost like a digimon... 
(Later I found out that the Pokemon Manga had this very concept!)

I managed to implement the eeveelution system, and started tilting the game to be focused around it. the concept started evolving to be more like "remix" of the 2nd gen games (my favourite ones). Breaking the 4th wall was a bit of a revelation to the story, because it allowed me to raise the stakes in a way that the official games couldn't. 

The game started taking same, it actually started becoming fun, I added the first gym, and made a thread on, where I released by first demo.

Anyway, that was back in 2010.

Now I've finally added the 8th and final gym. 

Wow, it's been literally 9 years of development so farIt feels surreal. 
I can see the finish line in sight. The only thing remaining is victory road and the final hypervisor battles. That means it's only 1-2 more update to go.

I can't believe I've made it this far. I've super proud of what i've accomplished in this game. It's everything I always wanted it to be. The game has been evolved and iterated a lot.... 

In this time I finished university, I got a software development job, I lost a lot of my free time.... and as much as I like working on the game, it was sometimes tough to stay motivated, especially during the middle years. 

I took breaks. I started other game projects that are in different states of development....
but I never gave up on SPEE because of all the love and effort I poured into it, and because of how much dedicated fans there.

So, thank you, to everybody who has supported the game, and I hope you continue enjoying the journey, and I also hope you continue following my other game projects after SPEE!

Also; here's some new screenshots of the upcoming update.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

[SPEE] 0.8 Patch 1

Hello everybody! Hope you enjoyed the update.
It's been really satisfying getting VOIDWALKER released, the feedback has been good, and a few bugs were reported. 

Necro's domain was been a long time coming, and very, very, old fans of the game might rememeber that Necro was originally the first hypervisor.

Now that only Zero remains, the game can enter it's final act. I'm quite excited to take the story to it's conclusion. I have some interesting stuff planned.

As a very rough estimate, the game is around 80% complete, and it should only take 2 big updates.

Also, a New Patch is available which will fix a few bugs (such as re-entering void, absol and battle tower)

There's also a new Mystery Gift too. 

It contains a Spore Guard which gives 75% resistance to Poison, Sleep and Paralysis.

0.81 : Patch 1  (700kb)
(You can use the launcher to download the patch)

[misc] Can now re-enter the VOID
[misc] Price Adjustment for Prize Zone pokemon
[misc] Expanded Oaks dialog options

[bug] Absol bug fixed
[bug] Battle Zone fixed + extra floor added
[bug] Exiting Void will disable weather effect
[bug] Fixed extra objects in Ice Gym
[bug] Fixed Mushroom Quest reward
[bug] Fixed Silk Dress reward
[bug] Fixed with no sprite when first entering pokedex

Monday, 10 September 2018

[SPEE] 0.8 NOW Available

Hello everybody, I'm happy to announce that version 0.8 VOIDWALKER is finally available.

(Download directly from link, or use Launcher)

Patch Notes


[story] Enter Void - CHAPTER 7
[side] Void Phantom Quest
[side] Dead Tombstone Quest
[misc] Spaceworld Beta Pokemon
[misc] Dead Drop (1)

[poke] Tomb of the Ice King (Summon)  
[poke] Aerodactyl Available 
[poke] Absol Available 
[poke] Starmie/Cloyster Available 
[bug] Fixed bug with Underground Labs containment cell locks
[bug] Fixed Ninja Kid bugs
[bug] Fixed Glalie Typing
[bug] Fixed Pryce badge
[bug] Fixed Fracure Islands night tiles
[bug] Fixed Map position bugs
[bug] Fixed Bugzy
[bug] Fixed Ice Sliding +- eevee can't interfeer anymore
[bug] Fixed Blastoise Storage bug
[bug] Fixed Ferreus Town house price glitch
[bug] Fixed dissapearing lionheart glitch
[bug] Fixed glitch with Zero encounter when you have an empty slot on team
[bug] Fixed Elixir refining
[bug] Fixed Last Miner Trophy description
[bug] Fixed missing Crystal tips
[bug] Fixed Bagon evolution
[bug] Fixed Ice TM Refining descriptions
[bug] Fixed Terra Lift, Nightmare and Ice Claw
[bug] Fixed Mart special glitch
[bug] Fixed missing floor in Battle Zone
[bug] Fixed Gaurd typo 

[misc] Vanish_23 now has less HP
[misc] Zero's fight is now harder
[misc] Geosigma's domain difficulty modified
[misc] Mors Village backstory updated
[misc] Trainers added to Ember Woods
[misc] Quistis Ferry slighty expanded
[misc] Chuck Gym Redesigned
[misc] Pryce Gym Redesigned
[misc] Added missing sidequests to trophy log
[misc] Refine Menu now has a small guide
[misc] Battle Tower reward now respawns (random rare item each time)

[misc] Various musical changes to hypervisor death scenes
[misc] Certain songs will now loop properly instead of fading out
[misc] Upgraded Rival Music to MP3 Quality
[misc] Surfing Music updated 

[misc] Recharge functionality modified

[misc] Launcher now has Compatibility Mode option for people who get audio related issues
(Downgrades MP3s to Midis)