Tuesday, 23 September 2014

[SPEE] Portus City

In version 0.74, you'll enter a new city, Portus City, as the name suggests, it's a port town that has a harbor where a ferry is docked. 

You'll also find the Silph Co. headquaters located here, where they're having free tours and a few sidequests.


In addition to that it has the usual suspects; the pokecenter, the mart and a house for sale.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

[SPEE] Pickaxe

HM, or Hidden machines don't exist in the world of SPEE. They're replaced by items which serve the function of the HMs. 

One such item is the Axe, which you may have already obtained in Chapter 2.

Now, in chapter 5, you'll obtain the Pickaxe. It's an item that replaces the HM Rocksmash.

Works similar to the Axe, except you may or may not have noticed the coloured bar underneath the rock picture. This is a new mechanic im adding to both the axe and pickaxe.

The red icon will move on the bar and you must press enter to make it stop. Depending on the colour it stops at the faster you'll break the rock. Hitting on green will smash the rock(or chop the tree) instantly, while yellow will require 3 hits and grey, 7 hits. 

But it also serves a secondary purpose. If you land on the yellow or green sections, you'll get items.  (sawdust for the axe, pebble or iron ore for the pickaxe). These items can be refined into more useful items or sometimes required in sidequests.

These items can be used in some sidequests or refined into more useful items. In any case, this adds a little bit more depth to a fairly mundane thing.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

[SPEE] The Berry Patch

Berry Patch
This is a new area, called the Berry Patch. It's directly north of Ferreus Town, and it's where the Berry Master now lives. I made it, partially because I wanted to do some mapping, but also because I felt chapter 4 was too short, so now you'll have to gather berries for the Berry Master so she can make medicine.... OR you can pay her $2000 and she'll give you a bottle she prepared earlier. Your choice :)

I haven't really decided which Pokémon you'll find here, but it'll likely be berry themed.

You can also keep up to date via these links

[SPEE] 0.74 delayed

Hey guys, I haven't really updated the blog for quite some time, but I did read your comments and I'm still working on Super Pokemon Eevee Edition!

So minor progress update.
-I've finally finished up the shiny system, a huge timesink that was.
-Soul Challenge is in (meaning you can get a second johto starter)
-Flying and Rock refining added (should really add a refining tutorial)
-Chapter 4 is being changed slightly. (Berry Master moved from ferreus town to a new area, the Berry Patch)
-Reworking of the trainer exp/$$ bonuses
-Both Lionheart's and Vanish's domains updated; Will now use gen3 graphical environment similar to when you meet M.

Progress has been quite slow, due to work and life. And although deadlines make me weary, I hope to have 0.74 out sometime before November.

Chapter 5 is in a state of half complete. the events are there, but playing through it, it just doesn't have the same polish as the rest of the game. Silph co. in particular is pretty bad. Doesn't really resemble the building-dungeons of normal pokemon games, and is too linear. So im working on redoing that.