Wednesday, 10 December 2014

[SPEE] Patch 0.74.2 now available!

New patch (0.74.2) is now available!

Download Now!

This is a maintenance patch that fixes various bugs including the negative money glitch, and adds various trophies to corrupted pokemon that never had any previously. 


    -Fixed crystal's find bomb on F5 option in silph raid.
    -Fixed encounters in Ferreus Mines
    -Fixed Dojo money glitch
    -Make Mors bone burying a proper sidequest
    -Special Berry trees now have correct item jingle
    -Various spelling fixes
    -Added trophy for Corrupted Liaron, Snubbull, Nuzleaf, Lotad, Mankey, Bulbasaur, Exeggcute, Wooper, Weedle/Caterpie
    -Fixed Axe and Pickaxe item rates

0.74.1(also included in 0.74.2)

    -Fixed Silph Co. glitched stairs
    -Fixed random encounters in Cave of the Dammed
    -Fixes corrupted gengar
    -Fixed Refine -flying TM labels
    -Fixed Aron Obtaining
    -Fixed Berry Master's berry options
    -Fixed Shiny eevee glitch

Both  0.74 and 0.74.1 versions can use the patch.