Wednesday, 8 January 2020

[SPEE] Update 0.9 (Terminal Velocity) Now Available

*Patch 0.901 has been released*

Hope you guys enjoy the update!

Update by using the launcher, or Download Here

Mystery Gift: TM Ice Beam

Change Log

0.901 : Patch 1

[bug] Fixed issue with non talking VoidPhantom quest giver
[bug] Fixed issue with blocking tile in Void F3 Glitch City
[bug] Fixed Midnight Howl trophy in trophy log
[bug] Fixed issue with Litore Storage House
[bug] Fixed issue with night encounters (Route 21, 22, 24, Left Terminal)
[bug] Fixed issue with enemy Flygon named Vibrava
[bug] Fixed issue with summons
[bug] Fixed issue with open cliff placement on Route 9
[bug] Fixed Route 14 - Ros Lake surfing warps
[bug] Fixed issue with Silph Co. president being invisible
[bug] Fixed typo with NPC calling Blue Oak "Gary" regardless of what you've named him.
[bug] Fixed issue with Elekid not being able to be bought in the Adoption Agency.
[bug] Fixed issue with Shellder showing Starmie sprite when caught
[bug] Fixed issue with Route 7 - Magnus City surfing warps
[bug] Fixed issue with Dratini not being recognised as caught

0.900 : Update
[map] Litore City Updated

[map] Clair's Gym (8/8)

[map] Train 
[map] Finis Village

[map] Tomb of the Sand King  
[map] Tomb of the Steel King 
[map] Magnus City updated
[map] Ferreus Town updated
[map] Route 14 updated
[map] Route 21 updated
[map] Route 22 updated

[poke] Poochyena (Route 21) (Night)
[poke] Cubone (Route 11 - Day)
[poke] Horsea (Route 17) 
[poke] Snorunt (Frig Glacier) (Night)
[poke] Slowpoke (Route 19)
[poke] Chinchou (Route 20)
[poke] Miltank/Tauros (Route 22)
[poke] Snorlax (Route 14)
[poke] Lapras (Ros Lake)
[poke] Omanyte/Kabuto (Void F3)
[poke] Chansey (Prize Zone - 777c)
[poke] Magikarp (Magikarp Salesman)
[poke] Starter #3 (Oak)
[poke] Registeel (Summon)
[poke] Regirock (Summon)

[side] Ninja Kid available in Litore City
[side] Island Sisters Quest 
[side] Bouncy Ball Quest 
[side] Bird Wings Quest 
[side] Water Crystal Quest
[side] Vibrant Flower Quest

[trop] Added Silver trophy for completing Soul Challenge
[trop] Added names to all pokedex trophies
[trop] Added Bronze Trophy for getting to F5 of battle zone
[trop] Added Silver Trophy for getting to F12 the battle zone 
[trop] Gold Trophy added for getting eevee to Lv99
[trop] Bronze Trophy added for encountering a shiny
[trop] Aerodactyl Trophy Added
[trop] Absol Trophy Added
[trop] Starmie/Cloyster Trophy Added
[trop] Regice Trophy Added
[trop] Void Phantom Quest Trophy Added 
[trop] Dead Miner Quest Trophy Added

[misc] Added Challenge Mode option in the Room PC
[misc] Various pokemon/item changes
[misc] Shiny Pokemon drop Shiny Data if defeated (no pokedex required)
[misc] Automatically recover 1PP for every 8 steps
[misc] Water Bottle can now be used in-battle to restore PP
[misc] Recharge PP recovery now limited to 25PP 
[misc] Eevee (standard form) now learns Attacks at earlier levels
[misc] Chapter 6 Silver Battle added in Frig Town
[misc] Gym Leader and Rival battles have a difficulty boost
[misc] Magikarp Salesman now available in PokeCenter, will sell for ever increasing prices 
[misc] New Message graphic
[misc] Redesigned Encounter Bar
[misc] Battle Zone - won't trigger a game over when you lose anymore
[misc] Battle Zone - now rewards 10zp per floor insted of 5zp
[misc] Battle Zone - multiplyer will only increase instead of decrease randomly
[misc] Battle Zone - full healing on entry and exit
[misc] Battle Zone - now won't get money for defeating pokemon
[misc] Battle Zone - now costs $200 to start
[misc] Prize Zone - prices increased
[misc] Quick Attack now has a chance of inflicting Flinch instead of Confusion
[misc] Surfing Music updated (again)
[misc] Added 2 trainers to Ember Forest
[misc] Added 2 trainers to Frig Glacier
[misc] Replaced Swinub with Jynx in Pryce's team
[misc] Giga Impact available from Mega Mart
[misc] More TMs available from Prize Zone
[misc] Can now buy nametags from Name Changer in Magnus City
[misc] Raised Eevee's overworld sprite to be inline with Hero sprite.
[misc] Moltres Battle is now Optional
[misc] Slugma location now moved to floor 2 of Ignis Volcano 
[misc] Adoption Agency now shows buyable pokemon's picture 
[misc] Prize Zone now shows buyable pokemon's picture
[misc] Crystal now gives updates on pokemon in the Adoption Agency
[misc] Crystal now gives info on pokemon in the Prize Zone
[misc] Added Magnus Storage House
[misc] Pokemon Encounters modified
[misc] Swapped around Corrupted Pidgey and Weedle/Caterpie locations
[misc] Exeggcute moved to Viridis Isles
[misc] Increased accuracy of Thunder to line up with other 350 damage moves
[misc] Sewer Terminal quest now gives Thunder Punch
[misc] Sawdust quest now gives Air Slash
[misc] Fixed issue with gameover triggered when losing to blue

[bug] Fixed bug where a gameover would be triggered after a battle if Eevee is dead but other pokemon are alive
[bug] Fixed issue with oak dialog appearing after losing to Academy Challenge
[bug] Fixed issue with Weavile Sprite not appearing in PokeBox
[bug] Fixed bug where losing a battle inside a building would disable bike
[bug] Fixed minor graphical bug with water tiles
[bug] Fixed EXP issue after a summon
[bug] Fixed bug where characters would say Death Quotes before meeting them
[bug] Fixed bug where Silph Co F4 staircase would take you to wrong place
[bug] Fixed bug with certain trophy progress counters
[bug] Fixed bug where shinies would stop appearing after 7 shiny encounters
[bug] Fixed bug where last void phantom doesn't exist [test]*
[bug] Fixed Mors Letter trophy log entry [test]*
[bug] Fixed issue with trophies not activating immediately 
[bug] Fixed issue with 180 pokedex entries trophy
[bug] Fixed issue with paperboy quest showing wrong money reward
[bug] Fixed issue with Money Training mode not appearing after rank 8
[bug] Fixed double encounter bug with Ros Lake at night.
[bug] Fixed issue where Bagon would appear in prize zone before gen3 pokemon is activated
[bug] Fixed issue with Crystal not giving pokemon locations after reaching end of demo