Tuesday 10 April 2018

[SPEE] Revolt 0.763 now available

A new update is available for SPEE, this patch mainly consists of bugfixes, 
but also includes an additional corrupted pokemon. 

Like all SPEE updates, this can be Downloaded Here, or directly via the Launcher.

There is also a new Mystery Gift available: TM Thunder


If you find any issues, or want to give feedback, 
please email me at bugs@dreammodule.com

[new] Launcher Updated
** The launcher now infroms you when there is a new update available.
** The "version error" and "version -1" bugs should now be fixed

[poke] New Corrupted Legendary available in Silph Underground

[new] GioSigma's domain now has damage tiles
[new] Added Pryce face and battle banner
[new] Teddiursa/Snubbull available in Route 7 at night
[new] Changed Ivysaur's evolution level to keep it synced up others
[new] Water bottle can be obtained from Crystal in Ros Lake if you missed it
[new] Pokecenters are now a bit more spacious
[new] Added various water refil spots
[new] New quest log icons

[bug] Fixed frozen tile bug in Vanish's Domain if you saved in 0.760
[bug] Fixed bug where Corrupted Grimer was not reachable
[bug] Fixed issue with waterfalls being passable
[bug] Fixed house warping for Litore City
[bug] Fixed issue with bad warp in Portus City/Route 13
[bug] Fixed bug with refining Insect Guard
[bug] Fixed bug with refining Wyvren Crunch
[bug] Fixed NG+ bug with sewer crank in Magnus City
[bug] Fixed pokecenter warp in Viridis Isles
[bug] Fixed issue with Cave of the Dammed item switch duplicated
[bug] Fixed issue with rails on R10
[bug] Fixed bad warp in Mt Atlas
[bug] Fixed Eevee warping in cold pools of Ignis Town
[bug] Fixed bad warp in Ferreus Mines
[bug] Fixed bug with constantly evolving Bagon
[bug] Fixed Shadow Stone refining
[bug] Fixed Clay Brick refining
[bug] Fixed corrupted Mankey evolution glitch
[bug] Removed Ferry Flashback
[bug] Fixed Route 24 & 25 map locations
[bug] Fixed Blastoise evolution
[bug] Fixed Everstone 
[bug] Fixed Vulpix/Growlithe trophy
[bug] Fixed data recovery animation for Kingler
[bug] Fixed various typos
[bug] Fixed face sprites with M in Fracture Islands
[bug] Fixed gravestone facings in Shrine of the Beasts
[bug] Fixed Vulpix/Growlithe bug
[bug] Fixed Tomb of the Ice King location header
[bug] Fixed Route 25 location header
[bug] Fixed Squirtle trophy

[bug] Fixed trophy glitch for psyduck/seel

Sunday 1 April 2018

[SPEE] 0.76 Re-Volt Update

Hello everybody, I'm happy to announce that version 0.76 is finally available.

You can use the existing launcher to update. But it will download a new launcher.
Make sure to use new launcher after updating.

Patch Notes

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition 0.760 : REVOLT

[new] Battle Zone
[new] Prize Zone

[poke] Shuppet/Duskull Cave of the Dammed
[poke] Sudowoodo Route 9
[poke] Cacnea Route 25
[poke] Sneasel Route 18
[poke] Trapinch Route 10
[poke] Magneton Underground Labs
[Poke] Seel (G) Route 19 [sprite/battle]
[Poke] Koffing (S) Underground  
[Poke] Swinub Glacier Cave

[poke] Dratini - Prize Zone
[poke] Lavitar - Prize Zone
[poke] Bagon - Prize Zone

[Poke] Charmander Route 24
[Poke] Squirtle Ross Lake

[side] Mine Master  
[side] Mors Letter  
[side] Silk Dress 
[side] Unown Language 
[side] Bad Mushroom 

[new] New Game Plus available
[new] Encounter Bar

[new] New Dream Module logo
[new] Added Repels to the Pokemart (3+ badges)
[new] Sleep/Paralysis/Frozen will still allow pokemon to use items/defend
[new] Sidequests will show rewards when accepting them
[new] Added corrupted arbok graphic
[new] Citizens sleep during night time
[new] Resting Falls Friend finder quest can now be completed in any order
[new] Fossil Finder quest now only requires 3 fossils
[new] Added use multiple save files warning at pokecenter
[new] The battle-start sound effect now changes depending on the terrain

[new] Ice Refining now available
[new] Dark Refining now available
[new] Poison Refining now available
[new] Bug Refining now available
[new] Ground Refining now available
[new] Ghost Refining now available
[new] Steel Refining now available
[new] Dragon Refining now available

[new] Change choose game version by holding down cancel during the dream module logo intro sequence
[new] Basic room customisations available
[new] Losing will now only reduce your money by 10% (previously, 25%)  
[new] Losing will take you back to the pokecenter in the last city you visited instead of just going to the last pokecenter entered.
[new] Recharge now only takes 1 turn and heals 20 PP
[new] Encounter rate goes down at night when in tall grass (but you face tougher pokemon)
[new] Jolteon's initial speed lowered (for better balance)
[new] Teddiursa and Snubbull now version exclusive

[new] Water Bottle implemented
[new] Watering spots will be found throughout the region. There you can drink water to recover PP, or fill up a water bottle.
[new] Thirst will increase as you walk. thirst needs to be at 100 before you can take a drink.

[map] Can now explore Silph co. after takeover event
[map] Silph Co. Underground Labs explorable 
[map] Route 25
[map] Sea Route 19
[map] Fracture Islands
[map] Sea Route 20
[map] Route 21 (Expanded)
[map] Route 22
[map] Litore City

[update] Redesigns to many maps
[update] Flashbacks have been removed for pacing

[bug] Fixed but where evolving pokemon would permanently absorb equip bonuses
[bug] Fixed bug where Eeveelution equipment gets unequiped randomly
[bug] Fixed bug where Eevee's HP/MP bar would freeze if switched evolutions in battle
[bug] Fixed warping glitch in vanish's domain
[bug] Removed Stat Sensor from Mart
[bug] Fixed Cave of the Dammed encounters at night
[bug] Bug with bike if cut master teleported you
[bug] Wrong dialouge when trying to use map while surfboard
[bug] Wrong trophy awarded for Hidden Kid quest
[bug] Fixed Left Terminal and West Beach map locations
[bug] Fixed Manman Export typos
[bug] Fixed bug where the first flashback was missable
[bug] Fixed trophy descriptions for Bugzy and Sawdust Quests
[bug] Route 9 ledge glitch
[bug] Sandshrew evolution level wrong
[bug] Rainbow tower in map instead of battle zone
[bug] Scizor labelled wrong type
[bug] Ivysaur evolves at wrong level (32)
[bug] Fixed bug when you cancel while selecting a starter would cause you to get no starter.
[bug] Fixed bug with surfing and wooden piers
[bug] Fixed glitch with ally tasks in Silph Invasion
[bug] Fixed bug where some junk items could not be used
[bug] Added Tropius backsprite (normal and shiny)
[bug] Fixed bug where computer menu would appear when entering the music changing function