Wednesday, 25 February 2015

[SPEE] Ember Forest

Just a little progress update. Eventing to the end of chapter 5 has been completed, so that's now 5 whole chapters of gameplay.  I've now been fixing a bunch of bugs the last release brought out. I have done much of the mapping for chapter 6 and am planning to include it in the 0.75 release.
It's gonna be a pretty meaty release, over 1 chapter of content, atleast 1 hypervisor battle, and a few new mechanics coming into play! Mid-March is likely when it's coming out.

One of the new areas you'll get to explore soon is the Ember Forest. It is filled with fire and bug typed Pokemon.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

[SPEE] Happy New Year!

Well, that was a nice christmas break, happy new year to you all!
Work on 0.75 is going steadily, and will be out in a month or so :D