Tuesday 18 November 2014

[SPEE] v0.74 avaliable now!

Kept ya waiting, huh?

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition v0.74

Well, it's finally here. This updates the game with half a chapter of additional content, including the 5th gym and a new Team Rocket encounter.
In addition to that, minor revisions to the dialogue, mythology and flashbacks.

The Pokedex 2.0 means you won't have to tediously scan Pokemon, it will do it automatically- while using the Pokedex in battle means you can view the enemy stats, replacing the 'StatSensor' item, Pokedex also has unlimited uses too.

While the new Shiny Data system allows you to use the Pokedex on shiny pokemon to "extract" their shiny data. You can then bond this shiny data to one of your pokemon, making them into a shiny!

Have fun :)

+ Gym#5
+ Pickaxe
+ Silph Co. Tour
+ New Areas: 

   Cave of the Dammed, 
   Ferreus Mines, 
   Route 11, 
   Portus City

+ New Corrupted Pokemon:

+ Dynamic Encounter Rate
+ Academy Soul Challenge (Get second starter pokemon)
+ Flying And Rock Refining Added

+ Axe mechanic changed to match the Pickaxe
+ LPC Teleporter
+ Pokedex 2.0
    - Pokedex will now record data automatically
    - If you use the Pokedex in battle, you can view the enemy pokemon's stats (Replacing the StatSensor item)
+ Shiny Data
    -If you encounter a shiny Pokemon, use the Pokedex on it to extract it's Shiny Data.
    -Talk to Oak, and you'll be able to fuse the shiny data onto one of your Pokemon.