Thursday, 10 May 2018

[SPEE] Patch 0.764 Available

A new update is available for Super Pokemon Eevee Edition, 
it contains bug fixes and a re-implemention of the Balance Band's EXP share feature as an upgrade for the Trainer ID.

When you reach Trainer Rank 4, talk to the nurse at the PokeCenter and you'll receive an upgraded Trainer ID which allows you to change the "Trainer Mode"

(Your Trainer Rank rises as you get Trophies)

Update the game via the launcher, or the Download Page

Change Log

[new] Trainer ID Upgrade:  EXP Balance Mode (replaces the Balance Band item)

[bug] Fixed bug with Pryce trophy 
[bug] Fixed waterfall tiles pt 2
[bug] Fixed the ferry blackout
[bug] Fixed glitch with using LPC teleporter from inside Silph Undeground
[bug] Fixed refining Earth Crystal
[bug] Fixed house map location bug
[bug] Fixed trapinch type
[bug] Water bottle disabled in battle
[bug] Fixed issue with water bottle not depeleting
[bug] Fixed Fracture Island encounters
[bug] Fixed inaccessible item in Route 9