Wednesday 8 January 2020

[SPEE] Update 0.9 (Terminal Velocity) Now Available

*Patch 0.901 has been released*

Hope you guys enjoy the update!

Update by using the launcher, or Download Here

Mystery Gift: TM Ice Beam

Change Log

0.901 : Patch 1

[bug] Fixed issue with non talking VoidPhantom quest giver
[bug] Fixed issue with blocking tile in Void F3 Glitch City
[bug] Fixed Midnight Howl trophy in trophy log
[bug] Fixed issue with Litore Storage House
[bug] Fixed issue with night encounters (Route 21, 22, 24, Left Terminal)
[bug] Fixed issue with enemy Flygon named Vibrava
[bug] Fixed issue with summons
[bug] Fixed issue with open cliff placement on Route 9
[bug] Fixed Route 14 - Ros Lake surfing warps
[bug] Fixed issue with Silph Co. president being invisible
[bug] Fixed typo with NPC calling Blue Oak "Gary" regardless of what you've named him.
[bug] Fixed issue with Elekid not being able to be bought in the Adoption Agency.
[bug] Fixed issue with Shellder showing Starmie sprite when caught
[bug] Fixed issue with Route 7 - Magnus City surfing warps
[bug] Fixed issue with Dratini not being recognised as caught

0.900 : Update
[map] Litore City Updated

[map] Clair's Gym (8/8)

[map] Train 
[map] Finis Village

[map] Tomb of the Sand King  
[map] Tomb of the Steel King 
[map] Magnus City updated
[map] Ferreus Town updated
[map] Route 14 updated
[map] Route 21 updated
[map] Route 22 updated

[poke] Poochyena (Route 21) (Night)
[poke] Cubone (Route 11 - Day)
[poke] Horsea (Route 17) 
[poke] Snorunt (Frig Glacier) (Night)
[poke] Slowpoke (Route 19)
[poke] Chinchou (Route 20)
[poke] Miltank/Tauros (Route 22)
[poke] Snorlax (Route 14)
[poke] Lapras (Ros Lake)
[poke] Omanyte/Kabuto (Void F3)
[poke] Chansey (Prize Zone - 777c)
[poke] Magikarp (Magikarp Salesman)
[poke] Starter #3 (Oak)
[poke] Registeel (Summon)
[poke] Regirock (Summon)

[side] Ninja Kid available in Litore City
[side] Island Sisters Quest 
[side] Bouncy Ball Quest 
[side] Bird Wings Quest 
[side] Water Crystal Quest
[side] Vibrant Flower Quest

[trop] Added Silver trophy for completing Soul Challenge
[trop] Added names to all pokedex trophies
[trop] Added Bronze Trophy for getting to F5 of battle zone
[trop] Added Silver Trophy for getting to F12 the battle zone 
[trop] Gold Trophy added for getting eevee to Lv99
[trop] Bronze Trophy added for encountering a shiny
[trop] Aerodactyl Trophy Added
[trop] Absol Trophy Added
[trop] Starmie/Cloyster Trophy Added
[trop] Regice Trophy Added
[trop] Void Phantom Quest Trophy Added 
[trop] Dead Miner Quest Trophy Added

[misc] Added Challenge Mode option in the Room PC
[misc] Various pokemon/item changes
[misc] Shiny Pokemon drop Shiny Data if defeated (no pokedex required)
[misc] Automatically recover 1PP for every 8 steps
[misc] Water Bottle can now be used in-battle to restore PP
[misc] Recharge PP recovery now limited to 25PP 
[misc] Eevee (standard form) now learns Attacks at earlier levels
[misc] Chapter 6 Silver Battle added in Frig Town
[misc] Gym Leader and Rival battles have a difficulty boost
[misc] Magikarp Salesman now available in PokeCenter, will sell for ever increasing prices 
[misc] New Message graphic
[misc] Redesigned Encounter Bar
[misc] Battle Zone - won't trigger a game over when you lose anymore
[misc] Battle Zone - now rewards 10zp per floor insted of 5zp
[misc] Battle Zone - multiplyer will only increase instead of decrease randomly
[misc] Battle Zone - full healing on entry and exit
[misc] Battle Zone - now won't get money for defeating pokemon
[misc] Battle Zone - now costs $200 to start
[misc] Prize Zone - prices increased
[misc] Quick Attack now has a chance of inflicting Flinch instead of Confusion
[misc] Surfing Music updated (again)
[misc] Added 2 trainers to Ember Forest
[misc] Added 2 trainers to Frig Glacier
[misc] Replaced Swinub with Jynx in Pryce's team
[misc] Giga Impact available from Mega Mart
[misc] More TMs available from Prize Zone
[misc] Can now buy nametags from Name Changer in Magnus City
[misc] Raised Eevee's overworld sprite to be inline with Hero sprite.
[misc] Moltres Battle is now Optional
[misc] Slugma location now moved to floor 2 of Ignis Volcano 
[misc] Adoption Agency now shows buyable pokemon's picture 
[misc] Prize Zone now shows buyable pokemon's picture
[misc] Crystal now gives updates on pokemon in the Adoption Agency
[misc] Crystal now gives info on pokemon in the Prize Zone
[misc] Added Magnus Storage House
[misc] Pokemon Encounters modified
[misc] Swapped around Corrupted Pidgey and Weedle/Caterpie locations
[misc] Exeggcute moved to Viridis Isles
[misc] Increased accuracy of Thunder to line up with other 350 damage moves
[misc] Sewer Terminal quest now gives Thunder Punch
[misc] Sawdust quest now gives Air Slash
[misc] Fixed issue with gameover triggered when losing to blue

[bug] Fixed bug where a gameover would be triggered after a battle if Eevee is dead but other pokemon are alive
[bug] Fixed issue with oak dialog appearing after losing to Academy Challenge
[bug] Fixed issue with Weavile Sprite not appearing in PokeBox
[bug] Fixed bug where losing a battle inside a building would disable bike
[bug] Fixed minor graphical bug with water tiles
[bug] Fixed EXP issue after a summon
[bug] Fixed bug where characters would say Death Quotes before meeting them
[bug] Fixed bug where Silph Co F4 staircase would take you to wrong place
[bug] Fixed bug with certain trophy progress counters
[bug] Fixed bug where shinies would stop appearing after 7 shiny encounters
[bug] Fixed bug where last void phantom doesn't exist [test]*
[bug] Fixed Mors Letter trophy log entry [test]*
[bug] Fixed issue with trophies not activating immediately 
[bug] Fixed issue with 180 pokedex entries trophy
[bug] Fixed issue with paperboy quest showing wrong money reward
[bug] Fixed issue with Money Training mode not appearing after rank 8
[bug] Fixed double encounter bug with Ros Lake at night.
[bug] Fixed issue where Bagon would appear in prize zone before gen3 pokemon is activated
[bug] Fixed issue with Crystal not giving pokemon locations after reaching end of demo


  1. Can't wait to play it when I get home tonight !!
    Thanks Raonak, and Happy New Year !

  2. I be jamming to the new surfing music.


  4. Got a bug report here: the storage room in Litore City takes me to Magnum City when I exit the room.

    1. Where did you find that Litore Storage Key? Can I at least get a hint?

    2. @JacquIreBriggs

      it's in one of the buildings.

    3. @shadowfury thanks, i've got it fixed for the next patch

    4. Thelegendaryhunter14 January 2020 at 21:29

      Which building?

    5. I know it's been almost 2 years since you asked this but I can help you.
      Below the Litore city storage room, to the left, you'll see a building which can be entered after going up the stairs. It's a Lab and you'll find the key in the trash can

    6. to the right*

  5. Can... I get some hints on where the onther two Regi summons are.

    BTW may need to report that Route 2 and Resting Falls event appeared to have reseted.

    1. Also.... for regi hints;

      -travel east of Magnus City.
      -travel west of Ferreus Town.

    2. Yeah, I remeber retriggering the M' "Don't turn off the game cutscene and seeing the Bobby Brother and Corrupted Geodude reset.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Also did more testing, and unless the Moon Stone's description is wrong, I can't evolve Sneasel even with the Moon Stone equipped.

    Also, Kabuto have Vaporeon's back sprite.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oh and I level Ivysaur to 32 and it didn't evolve.

      And Kabutops have Omastar's sprite.

    3. Continuing... Kabutops has a huge identity crisis.

  8. Where can I download the 0.901 patch? The updater isn't able to detect any new version and the website links to 0.900

  9. A couple of bug reports: if you go to the right of the snorlax by surfing, the map doesn't change correctly and you get stuck because the water pushes you to the right, rendering you unable to go back to the train tracks.

    In addition, the game doesn't save the highest battle floor record I reach. I beat it all but it says that my highest floor is 0 and it doesn't give me the achievements.

  10. Possible bug report? I just beat Clair and went to get the reward starter pokemon from Oak; the dialogue saying I can choose appears, but the actual option doesn't show up. I already have all the Gen 1 and Gen 2 starters though, so if it's meant to be a choice between those, then I'm not worried about it.

    1. Weird, I was able to get a Chikorita just fine

  11. Bug report: in the regi-ice location, way off to the Top right corner, there is another regice encounter but it triggers a fight with a lv 10 ratata. Agree with kabutops identity crises as above as well. Also, when returning back to the void, in that first location, an area to the Left is now blocked off, and if you jump over a ledge you are stuck there unless u teleport out (there is like an invisible wall). also if you travel down, some of the previous areas are now blocked off. otherwise awesome work!

    also, anybody have trouble finding glalie? searched all over the cave and no go

    1. Glalie is near the beginning of the cave.

      The void bug you mention is supposedly fixed in v0.901 judging by the patch notes. I'm unable to update to it, though.

    2. thanks! yes the patch helped. now the only other issue is the battle zone only records your latest score and not your highest and does not show the floor you reached so you cant unlock the 2 trophies

    3. How did you download the patch? My launcher keeps telling me there are no updates available...

    4. i just used the automatic launcher. when i first used it it only gave me v0.9. i then clicked on the update and it got me v0.901 (the launcher will still say v0.9 but it has the updates)

  12. I don't know why but the launcher hasn't worked for me in a very long time. It always tells me that there are no updates available even when that isn't the case.

  13. Maxwell Martinez17 January 2020 at 05:27

    I have been waiting for this update! I even transferred all of my game files from my old laptop just to have it with me on my external drive and new laptop when the update dropped! I've been following this game since at least update 0.74 and I love every bit of the game, its mechanics, and the plot!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. There's a bug in Route 25 at Night where you can pass through cactus whether using bike or walking.

  16. Hey There I encountered a few problems that I think you should know about 1. It might be a minor problem or might've been overlooked but when you try and look at Eevee and its Eeveelutions in the Pokedex you cant see their entries even though you have them 2. When using the Shiny Converter in Oak's Aurum Town Lab everything slows down dramatically and the thing barely moves and occasionally goes back to normal speed everything else is a good speed but the Shiny Converter box when selecting a pokemon is painfully slow like everything stops then returns to normal. 3. When B-Team Pokemon level up to their evolution level they dont evolve it seems that they only evolve when put into A-Team the main team you use hopefully you can fix these issues in the next Patch and or Update

  17. Hey Raonak,
    It's been years since I discovered SPEE, way before I became a Game Developer.
    I wanted to say thank you for going through the entire game. I've seen so many unfinished indi works, so many brilliant one as your.
    After almost 5X pokemon fanmade, let me tell you that SPEE is and will always be my favorite one, thank you, can't wait to see the end of this journey.

  18. How to unlock the story hidden trophy?

  19. Hey does anyone get a glitch after playing on full screen? Or am I the only one experiencing this I have bad eye sight as is and i do not want to spend my time pulling my screen closer or squinting. I also am sick of pressing the windows button and keeping to exit and enter the game how do I fix this would love it if I got the information to do so?

  20. Two requests please :( having trouble solving the bouncing ball quest. I mean what hill!?
    Please give me a heads up.
    2.then there is this void phantom quest in glitch city whom should I speak with to start the quest
    The help will be appreciated
    Thank you:)

    1. I know it's been almost 2 years since you commented this but I can help you.
      1. You'll see a pokeball to the left. The kid is looking at it. You can reach there by going around using the stairs
      2.When you reach the glitch city, go a little to the top and there will be a berry bush/tree. Talk the berry bush/tree and he'll give you the quest

  21. Wow, I've been playing this game since version 0.4, and can't believe the ending is near. Can't wait for it, for this was the only computer game I've played during my school days.

  22. Does anyone know how to reach the Drowzee in the Magnus Sewers? I can't for the life of me find the ladder leading to its section of the area...