Thursday, 4 September 2014

[SPEE] 0.74 delayed

Hey guys, I haven't really updated the blog for quite some time, but I did read your comments and I'm still working on Super Pokemon Eevee Edition!

So minor progress update.
-I've finally finished up the shiny system, a huge timesink that was.
-Soul Challenge is in (meaning you can get a second johto starter)
-Flying and Rock refining added (should really add a refining tutorial)
-Chapter 4 is being changed slightly. (Berry Master moved from ferreus town to a new area, the Berry Patch)
-Reworking of the trainer exp/$$ bonuses
-Both Lionheart's and Vanish's domains updated; Will now use gen3 graphical environment similar to when you meet M.

Progress has been quite slow, due to work and life. And although deadlines make me weary, I hope to have 0.74 out sometime before November.

Chapter 5 is in a state of half complete. the events are there, but playing through it, it just doesn't have the same polish as the rest of the game. Silph co. in particular is pretty bad. Doesn't really resemble the building-dungeons of normal pokemon games, and is too linear. So im working on redoing that.


  1. It's Ok! I Really Wanna Play The Game Now :D!

  2. It's all fine my friend, take your time.
    This game has been a masterpiece so far, just work on it till you think its good and then let us bask in your brilliance XD

  3. Glad to see updates! I sort of just started doing a lets play of your game, and I love it so far! Sorry to be THAT guy, but is there going to be a way to transfer saves from 0.73?