Thursday, 4 September 2014

[SPEE] The Berry Patch

Berry Patch
This is a new area, called the Berry Patch. It's directly north of Ferreus Town, and it's where the Berry Master now lives. I made it, partially because I wanted to do some mapping, but also because I felt chapter 4 was too short, so now you'll have to gather berries for the Berry Master so she can make medicine.... OR you can pay her $2000 and she'll give you a bottle she prepared earlier. Your choice :)

I haven't really decided which Pokémon you'll find here, but it'll likely be berry themed.

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  1. I Really Love Your Mapping! They Are Big And Have Good Looks!

  2. Hi,

    The game is really good (i'm a fan of FF) and i have two questions: ¿Is the chapter 3 your last path? and ¿will you put the news paths here or in other site?.

    Thanks for your job.

    1. The latest demo (0.73) goes up to the end of Chapter 4, where you defeat the 2nd hypervisor.
      The next version (0.74) will go up to the end of Chapter 5. I'll put a link out here and on my website ( and anywhere else that you can find the game.