Tuesday 1 March 2016

[SPEE] Abandoned Labs

Years ago, Silph Co. managed to capture and research corrupted Pokemon in their underground labs. But when they captured a corrupted legendary it became the catalyst for an incident which would cause the labs to be long abandoned. But lurking in it's depths remains rare items, lost research and multiple corrupted pokemon.
Speak to the Silph Co. president in the upcoming release of v0.76 and explore the ruin for yourself!


  1. Pretty cool. :3

  2. Man, I'm glad you keep working on this game. I remember I played this one a long time ago and enjoyed it a lot!
    Now I realize you kept up your nice work and I'm excited to play the last version.
    Your ideas in dialog and gameplay are superb!

  3. I can't complete the Bugsy fan quest. I have the info but he just repeats the same dialog.

  4. That's great you're working on it. I hope you will make it even better.