Sunday, 17 November 2013

[Nax] Little Things

I've been working on nax quite a bit. progressing has been going faster as I've been learning to optimize my time.

I'm still implementing the new enemy, the shielded one. It's been mostly smooth, except for having to rewrite a lot of AI code, but it's made the game better, so that's always good. I've also added additional hit reactions to Nax, so now, some attacks can actually knock nax back (much like how enemies get knocked back when you do a more advanced attack). This knockback adds a lot more impact to getting hit, and will punish guys who don't pay attention. I hope to show the new enemy in action soon.

In addition to that, I've mainly polishing up some stuff and adding little things. Like a neat dust kick-up when you jump/land. And changing the look of the snatcher, it's now an inversion color, looks pretty neat.
I've also finally implemented the Bomb item, now you'll be able to use it, and it'll deal big damage to nearby enemies (pretty much insta-kill)

I want to get the kickstarter started sooner rather than later, so am trying to get the word out about Nax. Luckily, the game shows itself off very nicely in gifs due to it being fast and action orientated. I've found reddit to be positively receptive of the game which is nice.

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