Monday, 11 November 2013

[SPEE] New Game+

Longtime players may remember New Game+, it was a feature that I implemented in Super Pokemon Eevee Edition in early versions of the game, I think it came in version 0.40.

During the 0.7 revamp, the feature was incompatible, but now it's finally coming back.

New Game +

This feature, after you finish the beta, will allow you to restart the story of the game while keeping all your other progress. You will keep the pokemon you've obtained, the eeveelutions unlocked, sidequests completed, etc. You will also keep your items, except for story items like the Pokedex, gym bades, axe, etc.

For balance, New Game + will reset all your Pokemon levels to 5. 

This feature will be coming in the next version, which will be named Beta 0.731


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  2. dang it, i messed up my last comment. came to say that i love this game. very good flow and bug free, maybe...add a little more corrupt pokemon to the roster?

    1. Thanks for your reply, more corrupted pokemon will be added as the game gets more complete. should be around 200 pokemon avalaible when it's all said and done.

    2. 200 is more than anyone could ask for from a solo dev lol, this game is amazing and i hope you continue with updates often, you are truly doing amazing work here and i hope you never stop.
      but seriously... its just absolutely brilliant

    3. Just wondering, when is the next update?

      I love the game, especially the battle system, but it's been 5 months now and I'd love to see some more content- there's only so many times you can play a game through, no matter how awesome!

      Also, some things I'd like to see added/tweaked:
      1. A more traditional box interface. The current one feels rather unwieldy!
      2. New moves go to the top of a pokemon's move list-having to scroll down several times to get to the more powerful moves you've unlocked subtracts a little from the battle experience!
      3. some way to keep the corrupted pokemon sprites on your team-they look *awesome*!

      Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Cool now i can get all my pokemon like pikachu to a higher lvl also how do i obtain the demo version of the game like version 0.8