Friday, 8 November 2013

[NAX] Of the Universe

So I'm sitting here, infront of my computer, 12am, trying to implement a new enemy into Nax. Why? Because a game needs more than two enemies, but more importantly, because I'm going to be releasing a demo tomorrow.

Nax of the Universe: Pre-Alpha Demo. It'll be the first time the general public get's to have hands on with the game so far. I have to stress that it IS in pre-alpha.

If you don't know about Nax, which you might not, since this is my first real blog post going into detail about it:
Nax of the Universe is an Action RPG game that I've been developing for a few months now. It's an RPG that puts it's focus on the combat. It's fast, fluid and deep with Devil May Cry being it's main inspiration with a Stylish bar actively discourages button-mashing by giving bonus EXP for killing enemies in a stylish manner, multiple weapons with instant, on the fly switching makes combat varied.

The combat is half done- three of the five weapons have been fully implemented.
  •  Redband- the default sword, non-elemental, average speed, range and power.
  • Xatana- the wind based katana, fast and lots of range, but weaker.
  • Tesla- the electric whips, slower, but has range and power.
With two more weapons planned:
  •  Firefang- the fire gloves, slow, med range, strong
  • Crystallis- ice knives, low range, med power, but fast.

 Moving, dodging, blocking, parrying, juggling, stylish meter, taunting, flux mode, controller support, and more have already been impemented, but there is a lot still to do including...

Magic system, card drops, card equipping, merchant, overworld, storyline, more enemies. etc.
These other systems I'll go into once I start implementing them.

As a fan of both character action games, and RPGs, I'm excited that I'm working on such a game, but even more excited that it's actually coming together. The combat already feels fun and I hope the demo will convince people to keep an eye on the project.

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