Sunday 3 November 2013

Welcome to Dream Module Games!

So welcome!

I'm Raonak, the developer for the Pokémon fangame, Super Pokemon Eevee Edition. A few weeks ago, I decided to relaunch the website, not as a website for Eevee Edition, but as a website for games that I'm developing under the umbrella "Dream Module Games"

 In addition to developing Eevee Edition, I am also developing an action RPG called "Nax of the Universe". The game is in early stages of development, but is already looks to be promising. It is also the first new IP that I'm working on, rather than being a fangame, which is hugely exciting.

I am developing both Nax and SPEE concurrently, switching between them as I see fit, usually, when I burn out on one, I switch to the other.

Anyway, this is the official development blog, where I will post updates on anything related to my games.

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