Sunday, 1 June 2014

[Nax] Android playable alpha now avalaible!

So in additon to working on the next update to Super Pokemon Eevee Edition, i've been working on an android build of Nax, it's working far better than I was expecting.

You can download it here, and side-load it to your android smartphone. I've tried it on my android 4.2.2 Xperia Z1 and it works very smoothly, full 60fps. but I'd love some feedback on how it performs on other devices.

DOWNLOAD: Nax of the Universe - Android 0.12

This is an early version, and some features, such as the Tesla weapon, flux mode, and the tutorial have not been converted to mobile format.

CONTROLS (they're quite intuitive when you get used to it)
  • On the left side of the screen there's a virtual joystick, that is used for moving.
    in addition to that, there's 3 circle buttons.
  • Block (top button) Hold to block. blocking increases defence/reduces damage, and protects against knockback effects. If you time it right, you can parry enemey attacks.
  • Switch Weapons (middle button). tap to switch between the Redband and xatana weapons.
  • Snatch(bottom button). The snatcher is a special timespace device which. If you tap it, it'll warp nearby enemies straight to you. The range is screen-wide, so if you can see an enemy, and it isn't "heavy", you can teleport it to you.
    If you hold the snatcher button, you can teleport TO enemies instead.
    the snatcher can be used in mid-air for some cool combination attacks.

  • The right side of the screen is where all the action happens. But there's no virtual buttons and such. Instead it uses a action swipe system.
  • If you tap the right side of the screen you will perform a basic attack.
    If you tap it multiple times, you can perform a combo.
    For the "Redband" weapon, there are 3 combos.
    Tap-Tap-Tap = normal combo
    Tap-Wait-Tap-Tap = spin combo
    Tap-Tap-Wait-Tap Repeatedly = stab combo
    The "Xatana" weapon has 1 combo. Tap-Tap-Tap-Tap
  • If you swipe forward (ie; the direction nax is facing) Nax will perform a forward thrusting attack.
  • If you swipe backwards, Nax will perform a launcher attack that will launch enemies into the air.
    (with redband, you will launch into the air too, while with Xatana, you can combo the launcher by pressing tapping straight after into a downcut)
  • If you swipe up, nax will jump. You can attack in midair too. Redband has a downslash, while Xatana has a double cut.
  • If you swipe down, nax will do a back-dodge. If you swipe down, while walking, nax will dodge in the walking direction.

There's 2 levels. The forest level is the better one.


  1. Nice, I'd definitely try it out if i had a compatible mobile. I suppose that future Nax updates would be included in both games for each plataform (android and PC) , or are there any limitations?

  2. Ah, so this is where I can more information, I kept checking the other SPEE page for updates, but nothing for months. Good to know you are still working on it.

    I haven't tried NAX though, and I don't have a mobile device to try it on to give you feedback.