Thursday, 19 June 2014

[SPEE] 0.74 status update

Chapter 5 is going along smoothly, it should be a pretty good chapter; you'll battle Morty(gym 5), be getting a pickaxe, which act's as the RockSmash replacement. Stopping a team rocket takeover of silph co, where you'll encounter Giovanni for the first time, and a hypervisor battle to top it all off. 

In addition to that, various changes, bug fixes, and additional polish. A handful of new sidequests, more refining options, more corrupted pokemon, the "Soul Challenge" allowing you to get a second Starter Pokemon. And a limited version of the shiny form feature.
New game+ was origianlly intended for this update, but will likely have to be delayed for another update.

I'm hoping to have this done in a month or so (mid-late july)
So stay tuned


  1. cant wait for the new update!!

  2. This is definitely good news.

  3. We are already in August...

  4. Just started playing the game for the first time and it is amazing, and who cares if it is August? I've been waiting on FF15 since.... lol.

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    1. something went wrong with my comment so i'll just shorten it. All I wanted to ask is if you can update us on the time it will take to complete this update (In your best estimate of course) or any in the foreseeable future.

      P.s. I really enjoy this game it brings my two favorite things together: Pokemon, final fantasy.
      P.s. Keep up the good work!! :P

  6. Can't Wait!! Wanna Play The v0.74!!!!!!!

  7. Can't wait for v0.74! Hope it's almost done!

  8. Hello Guys, Don't Complain To Raonak Cuz He is doing Nax of the Universe too! Not Only SPEE!

  9. Hi! Just played the game and it was pretty amazing, please don't raise the new version till september 12th or I will fail my exams.
    Just wanted to tell you there is a bug capturing corrupted Houndour and corrupted Lotad, you just get the pokemon without any battle.
    By the way, the game is great, congrats.

  10. I have been 5 hours whit this game, it's so funny. I can't wait for the next chapter XD. It's a great job,keep it up please.