Thursday, 22 October 2015

[SPEE] 0.751 Patch Released

Update 0.751 is now available!

With the funky new launcher, all you need to do is click "Check for Update" and it'll download and install the latest update without you having to move a muscle :D

 It fixes various bugs that were found today, and updates the graphic of the Tetra Element (Thanks Jeffry Son!)

-NOTE: If you are getting stuck when trying to reach the captain on the ship, simply return to your room and go to sleep. It's a bug where if it's night, you will get stuck on that ship. It will be fixed in an upcoming patch.


  1. Hi! First of all I LOVE your game.
    I played new patch and enjoy it, but i found some bugs like the wingull I captured is lvl 99. (That was funny)
    Should I report them here? Thanks for all.

  2. Once again, it's an amazing addition. I love the twist in the story-line near the end of the chapter. Really well thought out.