Wednesday 21 October 2015

[SPEE] 0.75 Released!

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition 0.75 is out now!


This release is quite different than before. I have developed a new application I call the "Pokemon Eevee Launcher" which contains the base game files.

Its quite nifty as it can check for, and download new updates,
has stuff like automatic & manual save backups, and a feature called Mystery Gift that allows you to get free items.

All future patches will be done via the launcher’s update download system, way less complicated than before,
and it allows me to easily push out bugfixes and content updates.

Mystery Gift
I will be releasing new Mystery Gift items from time to time that you can redeem.
For this launch week; use the mystery gift to receive a piece of Shiny Data! A rare item which can be used to turn a pokemon into a shiny.


Font FixIf you have font problems, go into the Fonts folder, and install the 4 fonts.
(Right click > install)

Save File Transfer
You can use your old save files!
To do so, open up the old version’s folder, and look for files labelled like "Save01.lsd"
Those are your save files.
Copy and Paste them into the "Pokemon Eevee" folder of the new version!



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  2. Absolutely love it! Well worth the wait. The shiny data... who to use that on is the biggest question. I want to have a shiny eevee, but then that's too obvious, too xD - but then it is the mascot, too.

    Are the shiny odds the same as Gens 1-5? 1/8192?
    Or like Gen 6 - 1/4000-ish?

    1. Thanks! Just one note about eevee, is that each form will require it's own shiny data.

      As for chance of shiny pokemon, It's 1/2000 if it's a normal battle, but 1/500 if it's a surprise battle.

    2. Well, now I know I need to get used to the surprise battle music. I hope to discover a shiny soon enough. I usually get the surprise battles, if only to run off faster when quest hunting.

      Thanks for the response!

  3. I didn't get a pokedex at the start. So when are you supposed to get it?

  4. i get a unhaandled exception has occurred in your application when i try to start the game once updated...Tried to download again, and sometimes i get directly when i try to start the updater that i don't have the required permission.... anyway doesn't matter what i do, can't seems to get to play it. Any help?

    1. Do you open it from the 'Super Pokemon Eevee Edition' folder? I got that error by opening/pinning the RPG/_RT application by accident. Make sure it's in the main folder, not the 'Pokemon Eevee' one. :)

    2. Hmm... you might need administrator priveledges?
      Right click on Super Pokemon Eevee Edition.exe and click "Run as Administrator".
      Another thing to check is that make sure you unzipped/extracted the application, it wont work properly if it's still zipped up.

      It could also be that your firewall is blocking it.

      Otherwise, you can manually download the update via:
      Download that, then unzip it, and copy/paste all the files inside the folder to the "Pokemon Eevee" folder of the application.

  5. I started the game and got the shiny data from the mystery gift, then I saved and exited out. About an hour later I came back to play it, and now my character won't stop walking to the right, and is endlessly swapping back and forth between walking and the bike. I don't know if this is a bug with the game, or my keyboard.

  6. Finally, i have been waiting forever for this :D

  7. Finally, i have been waiting forever for this :D

  8. The new content was awesome. Thank you so much!

  9. I can't seem to find the "summon" command after defeating Moltres.

    By the way, there is a missing wall tile north-west of Portus City that allows you to surf out of bounds.