Thursday, 29 October 2015

[SPEE] 0.752 and Left Terminal

New Patch 0.752 is out!
Update it via the Launcher, OR download the full updated game directly

It fixes various bugs reported over the last week, namely the ferry glitch, and drowzee and noctowl trophies, fixes the summon system so it actually works now,
and upgrades the music quality back to where it was in 0.74 (you might've noticed music was accidently downgraded in 0.75)

It also comes with a new launcher, feel free to delete the old one, the new one is way more stable, and has extra features such as automatically installing fonts.

A new Mystery Gift is available too! A pack of 5x Summon Stones, so you can try out that summon command if you havent.

View Full ChangeLog here:

0.75 has been downloaded nearly 2000 times over the last week, so I thank everybody for their support

Also, here's a new map, it's in 0.752, left of magnus city, and the new home to voltorb/electrike 


  1. :D it's always great to see a great project do great!

  2. The world map bugs a bit when you're on left terminal or magnus town.

  3. Did you downgrade the default corruption music? The 'Force your way' remix is the same as the original now. I don't know if that's an error or not. I miss the intense buzz that the remix gives when you find a corrupted pokemon... (though, the original isn't bad at all)

    The MIDI file in the Music folder for 1-10-Force_Your_Way is the original version, while the MP3 copy of it is the remixed version. So maybe it is an error?

    Also, about shinies. It may be pure coincidence but I looked up shiny finds for the game on youtube and they were all Rattata. I doubt that is anything, just thought I'd mention it in this feedback post.

    I love the game though. It is so well designed. Thank you for your lovely creation!!

  4. wow the game is awesome but sadly it end at chapter 7

  5. I love the game i played trough the game in 4 days. Every aspect of the game is awesome

  6. The game keeps going black after i start it and i cant even play it :(

  7. Bury the bones quest = infinite money, cuz the old lady will pay you every time you talk to her.