Tuesday, 17 January 2017

[DOT] The Binary Machine - Demo 1

Hi everybody, in addition to SPEE, you may notice that there's a couple other games available on Dream Module. These are original IPs created by me :)

One of those projects is DOT, a game about a getting bits, stealth and virus attacks.

Here's a trailer for those interested.

Well, i'd like to announce that Demo 1 (v0.6) is now available for Windows & Android. 

And as a first for me; it's also playable straight in your Browser (Click to play now!) 

Go to the DreamModule Page for more info. 
You can also find it on GameJolt and SteamGreenlight

It's quite a short demo, but gives you a taste of the game. Hope you guys enjoy it while waiting for the upcoming SPEE update :)

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