Tuesday, 10 April 2018

[SPEE] Revolt 0.763 now available

A new update is available for SPEE, this patch mainly consists of bugfixes, 
but also includes an additional corrupted pokemon. 

Like all SPEE updates, this can be Downloaded Here, or directly via the Launcher.

There is also a new Mystery Gift available: TM Thunder


If you find any issues, or want to give feedback, 
please email me at bugs@dreammodule.com

[new] Launcher Updated
** The launcher now infroms you when there is a new update available.
** The "version error" and "version -1" bugs should now be fixed

[poke] New Corrupted Legendary available in Silph Underground

[new] GioSigma's domain now has damage tiles
[new] Added Pryce face and battle banner
[new] Teddiursa/Snubbull available in Route 7 at night
[new] Changed Ivysaur's evolution level to keep it synced up others
[new] Water bottle can be obtained from Crystal in Ros Lake if you missed it
[new] Pokecenters are now a bit more spacious
[new] Added various water refil spots
[new] New quest log icons

[bug] Fixed frozen tile bug in Vanish's Domain if you saved in 0.760
[bug] Fixed bug where Corrupted Grimer was not reachable
[bug] Fixed issue with waterfalls being passable
[bug] Fixed house warping for Litore City
[bug] Fixed issue with bad warp in Portus City/Route 13
[bug] Fixed bug with refining Insect Guard
[bug] Fixed bug with refining Wyvren Crunch
[bug] Fixed NG+ bug with sewer crank in Magnus City
[bug] Fixed pokecenter warp in Viridis Isles
[bug] Fixed issue with Cave of the Dammed item switch duplicated
[bug] Fixed issue with rails on R10
[bug] Fixed bad warp in Mt Atlas
[bug] Fixed Eevee warping in cold pools of Ignis Town
[bug] Fixed bad warp in Ferreus Mines
[bug] Fixed bug with constantly evolving Bagon
[bug] Fixed Shadow Stone refining
[bug] Fixed Clay Brick refining
[bug] Fixed corrupted Mankey evolution glitch
[bug] Removed Ferry Flashback
[bug] Fixed Route 24 & 25 map locations
[bug] Fixed Blastoise evolution
[bug] Fixed Everstone 
[bug] Fixed Vulpix/Growlithe trophy
[bug] Fixed data recovery animation for Kingler
[bug] Fixed various typos
[bug] Fixed face sprites with M in Fracture Islands
[bug] Fixed gravestone facings in Shrine of the Beasts
[bug] Fixed Vulpix/Growlithe bug
[bug] Fixed Tomb of the Ice King location header
[bug] Fixed Route 25 location header
[bug] Fixed Squirtle trophy

[bug] Fixed trophy glitch for psyduck/seel


  1. "New Corrupted Legendary available in Silph Underground" HYPE!!!

  2. Also a new spot for Balance band?

    1. Sorry, that'll be coming in a slightly later update. I've decided to replace balance band with a battle mod item. As I found that many players forgot they even had it equipped. It'll require some rework, but the new item will be available via quickselect, and it'll have multiple modes: normal, exp balance, exp -> money.

    2. That does sound even a thousand times better. Can't wait :D

  3. The trophy for the 7th badge still needs fixing though. Where you beat Pryce but don't get the trophy for getting the badge.

  4. >wanted that OP Latios summon legitimately
    >got Zapdos instead
    rip my hopes and dreams

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