Thursday, 6 April 2023

[SPEE] Full Game Available Now!

I'm so excited to announce that Super Pokemon Eevee Edition is finally available as a full release! It's been a long and exciting journey, and I'm so grateful for the enduring excitement around the game's releases for years.

The project initially started during my summer break when I was in university. It began as an experimental project about hunting monsters using RPG Maker 2003. It was just a basic side project of random ideas, but what completely redefined the project was the the Eevee switching mechanic. Once I added that to the game, I knew I had something special.

From there, the game evolved into something truly unique. I drew inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including Final Fantasy for the battle system and music, the beloved generation 2 Pokemon games for the world design and exploration, and Metal Gear Solid, which served as a subtle inspiration for the story and meta elements of the game.

I released the first demo not knowing it would become such an insane journey. I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the fans who have been supporting this project since the beginning. Without your support, Super Pokemon Eevee Edition would not have been possible. I hope you all enjoy playing the game as much as I enjoyed creating it.

So, Version 1.012 is now out, which contains the full story and additional bug fixes. Honestly, this won't be the end of the journey. I have plans for more postgame content, and more polishing and stuff, but the game as it is. I am satisfied to call it a finished product.

Finally, a new Mystery Gift is available which contains this Starter Pack of items:
    • Instant Accelerant - Equip to always start a battle with full action bar.
    • Shiny Data - Use to turn one of your Pokemon shiny.
    • 3x Rare Candy - Increases a Pokémon's level by 1.
    • 8x Summon Stone - Allows Eevee to use the Summon command.

1.012: Patch 1
[new] rebalanced catcher's fight difficulty
[new] Added postgame dialog for Prof Cid & Elm (includes bonus)
[new] Beldum is now available from Prize Zone for 3000 credits
[new] Shiny Eeveeon available as an option at shiny converter
[new] Tailwind, Howl and Barrier now effects all team members
[new] Updated pokedex background
[bug] Fixed bug where Necro wouldn't transform correctly
[bug] Fixed bug where hero's domain was accessible before it needs to be
[bug] Fix balance band for ralts line
[bug] Fixed ralts storage graphic
[bug] Fixed shiny forms for ralts line
[bug] Fixed background graphic on shiny converter
[bug] Fixed victory plaeteau tile clipping issue
[bug] Fixed display issue on beast tower 
[bug] Fixed target location in map in chapter 6
[bug] Fixed legend of fire trophy
[bug] Fixed ability to buy ralts before gen 3
[bug] Fixed issue with poison status effecting end of chapter 9
[bug] Fixed bug where oak would tell you about shiny data too quickly
[bug] Fixed various typos
[map] Victory Beach 
[map] Victory Jungle
[map] Victory Hill
[map] Victory Rise
[map] Victory Garden
[map] Victory Ruins
[map] Zero's Domain
[map] The Wall
[map] Route 22 Enhancements
[map] Fracture Islands Enhancements
[map] Mt Atlas (level 7,8,9)
[poke] Treecko (Victory Jungle) 
[poke] Torchic (Victory Hill) 
[poke] Mudkip (Victory Beach) 
[poke] Added Ralts to Prize Zone
[poke] Added Articuno as summon (Mt Atlas Summit)
[poke] Added Entei as summon (Berry Patch - Random) 
[poke] Added Raikou as summon (Left Terminal - Random)
[poke] Added Suicune as summon (Ros Lake - Random)
[poke] Added Lugia as summon (Victory Plateau)
[poke] Added Ho-oh as summon (Victory Plateau)
[new] Recharge now heals PP for all team members
[new] Accuracy boosted to 100% for all damage moves to avoid constant dodging at higher speeds
[new] Pokemon Storage - Option to deposit all pokemon
[new] Various sound changes depending on G/S version (cursor)
[new] Trainers will use standard pokemon trainer music
[new] Music changes for certain areas (the void, some caves)
[new] The Void entering battle will still keep BG music
[new] Swapped locations of Articuno and Regice
[new] Added Master Ninja Kid to Finis Village
[new] Eevee will now learn quick attack at level 8
[new] Fire Fang now inflicts burn like other fang attacks
[new] Eeveeon won't learn flame claw anymore but will learn fire fang earlier
[new] Roar, teleport and Whirlwind will now Silence enemies (as previous effect did not work)
[new] Adjust secret item shiny data
[bug] Fixed battle graphic for shiny Blissey
[bug] Fixed issue with shiny Omastar/Kabutops
[bug] Power Gem changed to Rock Type (Replaced with Rumble Gem for existing saves)
[bug] Fixed quest log for Ninja Kid Quest
[bug] Fixed issue where launcher would crash when no internet connection
[bug] Fixed issue where recovery moves could be used multiple times outside of battle
[bug] Fixed bug where stat increasing moves would not work on ghost pokemon
[bug] Fixed issue with Ninja Kid in Litore having tile issue at night
[bug] Fixed issue with Litore Storage House having incorrect warp
[bug] Fixed item bug in Silph Underground
[bug] Fixed bug where team switching would become bugged when swapping with empty members
[bug] Fixed refining bug on Ghost tree 
[bug] Fixed Ghost Guard refining
[bug] Fixed counter bug on Tiny Mushroom girl
[bug] Fixed teleporting offscreen items (x2) 
[bug] Fixed HiddenPower refining
[bug] Fixed bad ledge in Mine Valley
[bug] Fixed wrong locations for Pidgey and Weedle/Caterpie in Quest Log
[bug] Fixed sequence breaking possibility on fracture islands
[bug] Fixed omastar/kabutops face graphics
[bug] Fixed issue with summons being usable outside of battle 
[bug] Recharge now can't be used multiple times outside of battle
[bug] Fixed issue where fog and timer would still be present if you died in Silph Underground Labs
[bug] Fixed issue with poison on lower levels of Silph Underground Labs
[bug] Fixed issue where renaming Miltank/Tauros renamed mew instead
[bug] Fixed typo of name Victory Plateu
[bug] Fixed bug where waterfall tiles could be climbed up
[bug] Fixed error on the spelling of Erruption
[bug] Fixed bug where silver feather was infinitely obtainable
[bug] Fixed face issue on Zero dialog
[bug] Fixed various typos
[bug] Fixed Elektrike box image (previously showing Manectric)
[bug] Fixed graphical inconsistencies on Eevee overworld sprites
[bug] Fixed issue with eevee not appearing on Void L6
[bug] Fixed inconsistent flooring on Ferreus Mines


  1. This game is incredible. Congrats on the release!

  2. I cannot believe my eyes. I have been legitimately checking this website once a day ever since the last update (that's right, been doing it for more than 3 years) and now it's finally here. What a journey this has been. Thank you so much for not giving up on the game unlike most fangame devs usually do and seeing it through to the end instead.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate the kind words :) And yeah, I can't believe I actually accomplished it either. feels super weird typing out 1.0

  3. fml, I exploited a money glitch by selling the last house over and over and now I can't fast travel anywhere xd

  4. Also, where the frick is Lugia?? I got all 3 silver feathers but I can't find it anywhere T_T

    1. Oh ok it's literally at the same spot as ho-oh lmao

  5. I think now would be a good time to bring back NewGame+ so we can watch the new flashbacks

    1. Yep, there's gonna be a nice postgame update at some point.

  6. Any chance this could be ported as a GBC version?

    1. Sorry, that would be kinda impossible to do.

  7. Hey man, been following the project from the beginning and checking up every year. Just wanted to thank you for finishing it, one of the best fangame out there, can't wait to try the final version! Also letting you know that I became a Game Dev myself while waiting for the final ahah. Good luck on your next projects, wish you the best

  8. Linux version anytime soon? RPGMaker recently can build them natively. Tried running it through Wine but it wouldn't successfully launch.

  9. Awesome to finally see this released. This is one of the games I show people to prove to them that you shouldn't underestimate RPG Maker!

  10. I was following this project for so many years!

  11. It's been so many years since I've been following the project, I am so happy the game is now fully released!! Congratulations, what an incredible journey

  12. just finished and its great, cant wait for some post game