Tuesday 18 November 2014

[SPEE] v0.74 avaliable now!

Kept ya waiting, huh?

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition v0.74

Well, it's finally here. This updates the game with half a chapter of additional content, including the 5th gym and a new Team Rocket encounter.
In addition to that, minor revisions to the dialogue, mythology and flashbacks.

The Pokedex 2.0 means you won't have to tediously scan Pokemon, it will do it automatically- while using the Pokedex in battle means you can view the enemy stats, replacing the 'StatSensor' item, Pokedex also has unlimited uses too.

While the new Shiny Data system allows you to use the Pokedex on shiny pokemon to "extract" their shiny data. You can then bond this shiny data to one of your pokemon, making them into a shiny!

Have fun :)

+ Gym#5
+ Pickaxe
+ Silph Co. Tour
+ New Areas: 

   Cave of the Dammed, 
   Ferreus Mines, 
   Route 11, 
   Portus City

+ New Corrupted Pokemon:

+ Dynamic Encounter Rate
+ Academy Soul Challenge (Get second starter pokemon)
+ Flying And Rock Refining Added

+ Axe mechanic changed to match the Pickaxe
+ LPC Teleporter
+ Pokedex 2.0
    - Pokedex will now record data automatically
    - If you use the Pokedex in battle, you can view the enemy pokemon's stats (Replacing the StatSensor item)
+ Shiny Data
    -If you encounter a shiny Pokemon, use the Pokedex on it to extract it's Shiny Data.
    -Talk to Oak, and you'll be able to fuse the shiny data onto one of your Pokemon.


  1. Thank you so much for this game! I played through 0.73 back then and now enjoy 0.74 (the game even realizes an old save-files and updates it automaticly... wow) Anyways, it's by far the best pokemon fan game I ever played. I love both Pokemon & Final Fantasy and this is like the perfect fusion. There is just so much I love about SPEE and you really feel the amount of passion and that went into the game, not to mention the top quality overall. :)

    One question: Will Sylveon, the Fairy Eeveelution make it's way into the game somewhere in the future?

    1. Thanks for the kind words :)

      Sylveon won't make it in the traditional sense, since there's no flying type. Maybe as a pallet swap for regular eevee. But it wouldn't be til much later though.

  2. is cave of the damned open? The old lady is still in front of the cave blocking no matter how many times i patched it

  3. hey I can't seem to be able to get to the patch, the demo is fine though.

    and seriously, when I saw this is just about screamed! YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!! thank you so much for getting this up!!!!!!

  4. So I started to play the new update, and I noticed two bugs so far.
    1) I defeated and captured Aron, however I do not see him in my pokemon box. Very strange, and sad cause I wanted Aron on my team so much :c
    2) I was in Silph Co and took some stairs which led me to a dead-end room. When I climbed back up the stairs... I was in a second dead-end room. With no way out to speak of, I was forced to restart the game. I dare not go near those stairs again unless no other hope can be found.

    Hopefully that's all for the bugs, guess I'll have to just wait and see as I keep playing though. Otherwise great update so far!

    1. 0.74.1 patch will fix both those issues. I'm gonna be re-publishing 0.74 download with the patch automatically applied once I feel confident most of the bugs have been found.

    2. Will that make it possible for me to get my Aron then, even though he is no longer present? Or should I just load a older save file and try again?

  5. Hi, I defeated the dojo elite, but instead of giving me money, they took 9100$ every time.
    Now I have about -17000$. Is that normal?
    ...sorry if my english is bad.

  6. Thanks so much for continue the game

    1. In the new Team Rocket encounter there is a bug in the 5 floor, when you use one stairs, you go to other site, and when you come back you go to other site them. and can't go out. (My english is bad, sorry XD)

    2. Download the 0.74.1 patch to fix that :)

  7. I have defeated corrupted Noctowl, but it doesn't appear in my trophies. Why? Thanks.

  8. I still have 0.73. Will updating risk me losing my save data? Any information would be appreciated.

  9. Don't worry, you will keep your save data.