Sunday, 1 March 2015

[SPEE] Route 6 & Conn. Caves Redesign

In addition to designing new areas (more which i'll show soon), i've been working on redesigning some of the old maps.

Route 6/Connecting Caves I've always felt unsatisfied about. It's a route that requires an axe, and has a cave which you need to traverse to pass it. 

This started causing backtracking problems because there's a hypervisor battle right after it. If someone didn't want to face the hypervisor yet, they would have to backtrack through the caves to go back to Arbor City.
In addition to that after you beat the first hypervisor, you get warped back to Arbor City, meaning you're gonna be going through Route 6 again.

Now, the caves are a bunch of interconnected tunnels rather than the isolated tunnels they were before. The cracked rocks will break after you defeat the Corrupted Diglett that is at the end of the tunnel; that allows you take a direct route to the start/end of Route 6, cutting down on a bit of backtracking.

Route 6 has had minor modifications, including removal of ledges which I noticed were confusing players who didn't realise they were going backwards by jumping over them.

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