Thursday, 10 May 2018

[SPEE] Patch 0.764 Available

A new update is available for Super Pokemon Eevee Edition, 
it contains bug fixes and a re-implemention of the Balance Band's EXP share feature as an upgrade for the Trainer ID.

When you reach Trainer Rank 4, talk to the nurse at the PokeCenter and you'll receive an upgraded Trainer ID which allows you to change the "Trainer Mode"

(Your Trainer Rank rises as you get Trophies)

Update the game via the launcher, or the Download Page

Change Log

[new] Trainer ID Upgrade:  EXP Balance Mode (replaces the Balance Band item)

[bug] Fixed bug with Pryce trophy 
[bug] Fixed waterfall tiles pt 2
[bug] Fixed the ferry blackout
[bug] Fixed glitch with using LPC teleporter from inside Silph Undeground
[bug] Fixed refining Earth Crystal
[bug] Fixed house map location bug
[bug] Fixed trapinch type
[bug] Water bottle disabled in battle
[bug] Fixed issue with water bottle not depeleting
[bug] Fixed Fracture Island encounters
[bug] Fixed inaccessible item in Route 9


  1. Thanks for the update, they're very good and welcomed fixes. Is there any possibility of adding other training options like a reverse normal (50% Main, 100% Alt), a reverse balanced (400% lowest Alt, 0% others Alt, 50% Main), an all balanced (400% lowest between both teams, 0% others), a double balanced (200% lowest Main, 200% lowest Alt, 0% others), and/or a full alt (0% Main, 125% [or 150%] Alt).

    Also having a third team to be able to train even more Pokemon would be nice if it would at all be reasonable to do.

    1. Good ideas, more training modes will indeed be coming in later updates

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  3. The surf music seems to have been broken in this update, it doesn't sound anymore :(

  4. Hi, I may have encountered a little glitch.
    After beating the Hypervisor in Frig Town, I tried to use the LPC teleporter, and it just teleported me back to the lair I was in previously.

  5. Bagon isn't evolving at level 30. Is this a glitch or did you increase his evolution requirements? I do not have the everstone equipped.

  6. There is a problem with my storage. When I try to add my Blastoise to my team, the game shuts down.

  7. your work is amazing. i found a couple things with my play throughs, wondering if you can fix with the next update

    -i also can't withdraw blastoise from pc
    -bagon evolves directly into salamence at lv 50.
    -couple side quests don't have associated trophies or even log entires in the quest log after completion.
    -some of my quest log trophies also haven't been updating even after completing them (refine 200 items, manman export 300 items, evolve 50 pokes; obtain 50 and 100 pokes; 100 and 200 pokedex entries)
    -theres sometimes been errors when attempting to use the team switchers/withdrawing from pc where one poke can show up in both teams or there will be an empty slot on your team after depositing and i am unable to withdraw a new poke to fill that slot
    -suggestion: any possibility there can be an option to choose your arrangement for your team line up within a team? so the 4 pokes you have on team A. Say you want the bottom poke to actually show up second (right next to eevee), switch its position for the last spot directly to the second? right now i have to switch it to team B and then switch it back to the desired position in team A
    -suggestion: any possibility of adding the option to arrange the order of your attacks so that you can pick which attacks show up first? this way i don't have to keep scrolling down for roll out every time...or at least have the option of picking a "favorite" attack as the one that will show up first every time?

    thanks so much and keep up the awesome work!

    1. just realized that there are different colored trophies in the game so my question about quest log trophies not updating where actually just silver trophies...all my other questions/suggestions still stand!

      Also wondering, will there be an option eventually that when you start new game+ to be able to obtain the version specific pokes even AFTER you have already captured the poke from the previous version? so for example, since I already got weedle in G, now when i do game+ in S, will i be able to capture caterpie instead? right now if you already got the weedle in G, then there is nothing there in S.

      Also, any possibility of being able to fight the fighting dojo again to be able to get all 3 versions of the hitmons?