Saturday, 7 March 2015

[SPEE] Battle Speed Options

I quite like SPEE's battle system it's very final fantasy inspired and definitely gives the game a unique feeling compared to other Pokemon games. 

BUT, one problem I always had with it is that it would sometimes feel slow if the enemy team were high leveled. A lot of the time you were just waiting for bars to fill up. It was an engine limitation i could not get around. 

But i've recently had a breakthrough in the form of dynaRPG patcher by Cherry. Now because of this, in 0.75 you can change the battle speed!
You can change the speed from the computer in your house, there are 4 options.

SLOW- being the current battle speed of 0.74.
NORMAL- being 2x as fast, and the default battle speed for 0.75.
FAST- being 4x as fast as slow.
VERY FAST- being 6x as fast as slow.

The days of slow battles are over!

1 comment:

  1. That was something I did notice early on into the game. So it's nice to see that you've found a solution.

    It wasn't anything serious, but it's still a really cool alteration!