Tuesday, 3 March 2015

[SPEE] West Beach

Here is another new area you visit in 0.75; West Beach. (name pending)

This new map is a unique beach-like terrain, on the west side of Ignis Island, where pokemon like Krabby, and Tropius are found.

In addition to that, a special person named the "Surf Master" lives here.

After spending a lot of the last year doing mainly background systems work, it's nice to get back into mapping. Beach locales are a little hard to do, since you want it to appear natural, but you also want there to be tall grass for wild pokemon to be, so I had to look for a bit of balance. I quite like the end result, it feels and looks a lot different than other maps, the mixture of yellow, blue, brown and green is strangely pleasing.

Only downside; no footprints on the sand :O


  1. I think you've done a really good job. The way it fades away from lots of grass towards a beach is very aesthetically realistic. You've also made a bit of a landmark out of the raised spots (hills)

  2. Played through your game and loved it. I've recommended this to everyone I know who likes pokemon. Keep up the good work.